Welcome to the Theater!!

Okay folks, the theater is going to be revamped very shortly, but not because I'm getting rid of anything. Oh no, nothing like that.

No, the fact of the matter is that I've decided to create a Season 11 continuity. Yeah, I know, So Full of Crap (my "pet name" for SFC) canceled the series, but I'm still holding out hope. So this is my little gift to everyone in hopes that we really will have a nice little Season 11 :-) The stories I'm gonna try to pull this off with are Ghost Story, written by my dear friend Erin "Amphithea" Dean, and yet another Son of Corman masterpiece (don't laugh, he's sent me a couple of things that I just don't have the heart to riff!). The Season 11 mistings will be posted sometime in the not-too-distant future--hopefully before I post the results of the 1999 Sexiest Man in Mistiedom Contest elsewhere on this site!

Season 9 Mistings

The Venus Scout, Part 1

The Venus Scout, Part 2

Monsters from Outer Space

That's all I have for the moment. My next misting should be ready soon. Until then, return to The MiSTic Domain to see what else I have to offer.