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{Season 9 Theme}

{1. . .2. . .3. . .4. ..5. . .6. . .Dogbone}

{Crow and Servo are in the middle of an intense game of Monopoly. Most of the property cards and a large stack of bills denotes Crow's progress, while Servo has only one property card and a few dozen bills. Mike is nowhere to be found.}

Servo: Yes!! I've landed on Boardwalk! And, after I buy it, I will rule this Monopoly world!

Crow: I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the only properties you have are Boardwalk and Park Place.

Servo: Are you jealous that I, Tom Servo, am winning?

Crow: No, because I'm winning.

Servo: Are not!

Crow: Am too! I have all the railroads, and Baltic Avenue, and Mediterranean Avenue, and I can't forget Virginia Avenue. . .

{Servo is starting to get a little steamed.}

. . . and States Avenue, and St. Charles Place, and New York Ave--

{Servo screams and attacks Crow, knocking over the game board as he does. Both bots fall behind the counter, but we can still hear the fight.}

Servo: {from behind the counter} Say that I'm the winner!

Crow: {same as Servo} Ow!! Quit it, Servo! You are not!

{Fighting escalates and Crow pops up from behind the counter. Servo follows and attacks again as Mike enters, reading a magazine. Crow see the opportunity for rescue.}

Mike! Help!

{Mike, noticing the fight, grabs Servo and pulls him off of Crow. During the following conversation, Servo tries to break free and attack Crow again.}

Mike: Okay, guys, what's this all about?

Servo: {quickly} Crow's cheating!

Crow: I am not, you feeb!

Mike: {stunned} Cheating. . . you mean this is all about a game?

Crow: Yeah. I'm crushing him at Monopoly--

Servo: Are not!

Crow: {continues} --and he thinks that just because he has Boardwalk and Park Place. . .

Mike: Okay, let's go over the rules of the game one more time.

Servo: {whines} But I have Boardwalk and Park Place!

{Mads' Light starts flashing.}

Crow: It'll have to wait, Mike. Leona Helmsley, King Kong, and Michael Myers are calling.

{Mike hits the button.}


{Castle Forrester.}

{Pearl and the Observer are in the Great Hall. Neither one looks really happy.}

Pearl: Hey, Nelstone. I really hate to say this, but you may be getting a break today.

Observer: In fact, if we cannot find any suitable material soon. . .


Mike: You'll have to scrap the experiment?

{Castle Forrester}

Pearl: {nodding sadly} I'm afraid so.


{The bridge has now taken on a more festive mood. Streamers and balloons are everywhere, Mike and the bots are wearing party hats, and Crow is tossing confetti around.}

Gypsy: {same} Sure is!

Crow: {tosses more confetti} Yeah.

{Castle Forrester}

{Off-screen cheers from the Satellite crew. Pearl looks annoyed. Before she can say anything, Bobo enters with a huge stack of papers.}

Bobo: I've downloaded a list of movies that might be useful.

Pearl: Give me that!

{Pearl grabs the papers away from Bobo and leafs through them. She stops and pulls several sheets from the center.}

What's this?

Bobo: Oh, I intercepted that in transit.

Pearl: {sweetly to the SOL crew} Mike, I've found something a little different for you today. It's Part 1 of a series called The Venusian Chronicles, intercepted in-transit from someone called Son of Corman.


{The party mood is dead.}

Servo: Did she say SON of Corman?

Crow: Why don't I like the sound of this?

{Movie Sign flashes and wails.}


{Everyone scatters, screaming.}

{6. . .5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . .Theater.}

>October 10, 1998

Mike: Why'd he put the date on this?

Crow: I think it's the expiration date.



Servo: You can't fool us, Corman! We know it's you!

{Crow snickers.}

>Venus Zombies!

>Sea of Monsters!

>Atomic Age Dinosaurs!

>The Sea of Monsters!

>The planet of love is also the planet of lust!

Servo: The hell?

Mike: I think it was a poem.

Crow: Actually, that last line wasn't too bad. . .

>(Put on your 3-D glasses. This is 3-D, after all.)

Crow: Great, a 3-D script. Thanks for the warning, Corman!

>(The first scene is a strange exotic paradise.)

>Narrator: (narrates) This is Venus, hundreds of years ago. This planet was once filled to the >brim with life.

Mike: Uh, we're reading this, right?

Servo: Yeah.

Mike: So, why is there a narrator?

Servo: Well, someone needs to narrate!

Mike: Oh, yeah. {pause} Huh?

>{Suddenly, the screen burst into flames.

{All laugh.}

Crow: Oh, good! The script spontaneously combusted! Can we go now, Mike?

Mike: No. If it was that easy, would Pearl have sent it?

>Then all the plant life disappears.

Servo: Why? I thought plants thrived in the heat.

Mike: Heat, Servo. Not flames.

Crow: Say, speaking of flames. . .

Mike: No.

Crow and Servo: Aww!

>The ground is now a barren wasteland.)

>Narrator: (narrates) But now, all that remains is a group of sulfuric clouds and a flaming surface. >No life could live on there.

Crow: "Live on there"? How about just saying "no life could exist there"?

Mike: Because that would make sense.

Crow: Oh, okay.

>(The screen switches to outer space.)

>Narrator: (narrates) And so is the end of life on Venus. Or is it?

Mike: Why are you asking us? You're the narrator!

>Could it be that this is only an illusion? Could life have found a way to survive? Does it exist in >our dimension, or does it live beyond our comprehension? Does it reason the way we do? Does it >look like us? Or is it totally alien in form?

Servo: Find out next week--same Venusian time, same Venusian channel!

{Mike laughs.}

>Perhaps knowing is only half the adventure. . .

>(Beginning credits.

Crow: The credits already? Man, that was a breeze!

{Crow stands up to leave.}

>Fade out.)


Mike: Sorry, Crow. Those were the opening credits.

Crow: You mean, there's more?

Mike: Afraid so, buddy.

{Crow sits back down.}


Servo: Great, I bet Sailor Moon's in this somewhere!

>(The first scene is a bank. Two tellers, Evelyn and Roger, are working busily at their jobs. >Close-up on the narrator, who is unnoticed by the other. He is looking at us.

Crow: Hey, look, it's Rod Serling!

Mike: I thought this read like an episode of The Twilight Zone!

Servo: Shameless SciFi Channel Plug #1!

>While he is, Roger and Evelyn look at each other with a happy look.

Mike: As opposed to "look at each other happily."

>Narrator: A normal day for Evelyn and Roger Klondike, two Christian newlyweds who are happy >with their jobs, with each other, with life. Little do they know that today is the day that will test >their faith in God. . .

>(A masked man enters the bank with a gun.)

>Man: Stick 'em up!

Servo: {Man} Oh, sorry, I meant, "Don't move! This is a stick-up!"

>(The people scream.


>Roger and Evelyn reach for the sky.)

>Man: All right. I want two tellers to go with me into the vault and help me carry out all the >money they can.

Crow: Let's see, who's gonna volunteer? Hmmm. . .

Mike: My guess would be the newlyweds.

Servo: Why?

Mike: They're the only people who seem to be working in the damn bank!

>Roger: All right. I'll go.

>Evelyn: I'll go, too. Just don't hurt these people!

>Man: No one will get hurt if you go down into the vault!

>(He follows them down to the vault. Then he pulls the vault shut and pulls off his mask.)

Mike and Crow: {Roger and Evelyn} Put it back on! Put it back on!

>Colman: Good. You're down where it's safe.

Servo: No, it's a vault!

{Crow and Mike laugh weakly.}

>Evelyn: What?

>(Suddenly there is an explosion. The vault shakes. The three people fall over.

Servo: . . . a cliff and die. The end.

Crow: Keep dreaming, Servo.

>Outside, the cities blow up in a terrible explosion.

Servo: Okay, so everything's exploding. I think you've established that.

>A wave of smoke flies through the city.

Mike: {sings} Smoke on the water. . .

The sky flashes. Jump-cut back to the vault. The others are all right.

Crow: Oh, sure! The entire planet just bit he big one, but these three are fine!

Mike: Take it easy, Crow!

>Colman wakes up and looks at the others. He wakes up Roger and Evelyn.)

>Roger: What happened?

>(Colman gets out a medical kit and checks them both.)

Mike: I bet there's a big black magic marker in that kit.

{Servo snickers>}

>Colman: I need to check you for radiation.

>Evelyn: Radiation?

>Roger: What are you talking about?

>Colman: You check out. And so does your wife. I'm glad you are in such good physical >condition.

{The bots snicker.}

Mike: Easy, guys.

>Now I just need to find the others.

>Evelyn: What the. . .

Servo: I'll finsih for you, Evelyn. *ahem* --the hell?

>Roger: Listen, buddy, something just went on outside, and I don't plan to sit in here, forever, >waiting for an explaination!

>Colman: (angrily) you want an explaination, huh?

Mike: Uh, you forgot to hit the shift key there, buddy.

Crow: {Jack Nicholson} You can't handle the explaination!

>Well, come this way. I know who can explain it best.


Crow: The names Colman and Roger shouldn't be that close together.

Servo: Yeah, it reminds me of Roger Corman and Colman Francis all rolled into one.

{All shudder.}

>and Evelyn look at each other in disbelief. Colman opens the vault door. Outside, the city has >been reduced to rubble. Roger and Evelyn walk round in disbelief.

Servo: So, disbelief is now a main character?

Crow: Either that or disbelief contributed money to this screenplay!

>Colman looks at them both.)

>Colman: (yells) Come on! Follow me! I'll show you where he is!

>Evelyn: Should we?

>Roger: Well, there's nothing else we can do. . .

Mike: {Roger} Unless we kill him.

>(They walk off.

Servo: . . . into the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun is now actually sitting on the horizon, so they get burnt to cinders. The end.

>Jump-cut to a few miles later. Roger is so hot

Mike: Oh, he's not so hot! He just thinks he is!

>he takes his shirt off.

All: AUGH!

Crow: I only hope they don't get Dennis Franz to play this role!

{All shudder at the thought.}

>Colman looks back at them and wave his hand. Jump-cut to even later. Evelyn's shirt is really >ripped up. He skirt has been ripped up and most of it is gone.

Servo: "He skirt"?

Crow: Roger's wearing a skirt?

>Colman looks back and gestures them on again.

Mike: Yeah, I've got a gesture for this thing.

Crow: Welcome to the Dark Side, Mike.

>Jump-cut to the edge of the city. Roger, who's pants are getting pretty badly cut,

Crow: A minute ago he was wearing a skirt!

Mike: And you're complaining because. . .

Crow: I'd just like to see a little continuity.

>is carrying Evelyn now, who has her shirt literally cut down to pretty low.

Crow: How low?

Mike: Crow. . .

Crow: I was just asking! Geez!

>She gets up as the reach the top of the hill.)

>Colman: (feels around the rocks) Where is it? Where is it?

Mike: To the left! To the left!

Crow: To the right! To the right!

Servo: Stan up! Sit down!

All: Fight, fight, FIGHT!

>Roger: All right, buster. I've had it up to here.

Crow: That would have been so much more effective if this wasn't all text!

>Evelyn: Where are you taking us?

Servo: {feminine voice} To where the fish lives.

Mike: I call no more Touch of Satan riffs.

>Colman: (finds a button and presses it) There!

>(A hole in the ground opens up. Colman jumps in. Evelyn and Roger follow. Jump-cut

Crow: Hey, Mike, what's a jump-cut?

Mike: A scene change.

Crow: Oh. {pause} There've been an awful lot of scene changes in this so far.

>to a secret base. Colman finds a tape recorder.)

>Colman: This will explain all that has happened.

Mike: {Colman} I think.

>(He presses "play".)

Servo: {sings} It's been seven hours and fifteen days. . .

Crow: Oh, rats, I was hoping this would be the Barenaked Ladies! {notices Mike staring at him.} You know, like it's taken us One Week to get this far into the script?

>Voice: This is Jason Macleod.

Mike: {Scottish accent} Of the Clan Macleod!

Servo: Jason Macleod IS the Highlander!

>This recording is probably the last made on Earth. I decided to make it to tell the future >generations, if any,

Crow: Oh, this is the guy who only sees the glass as "half-empty".

Servo: It's Mitchell?

Crow: No, that's not what I--oh, never mind!

>how the human race was virtually destroyed.

Mike: Okay, and exactly when did this happen?

Crow: Well, you were asleep, and we didn't think it was important enough to wake you.

Mike: Oh, okay--hey!

>Roger: Destroyed?

>Colman: Sh.

Servo: I think that should actually say shhhhhhhhh.

>(The tape continues. While it does, a dream sequence occurs.

{All snicker.}

Crow: Great, that's just what we needed to liven things up! Thanks again, Corman!

Servo: {sings} I'm the gypsy, the acid queen. . .

>Mr. Macleod is working on a computer.)

>Voice: I remember how it all started. I was working on the monitor when I spotted something on >Venus. A strange probe was heading for Earth.

{The bots snicker.}

Mike: Okay, that's enough for you two right now.

{Mike picks up Servo.}

>Voice: I later found out that it was none other than the Mariner spacecraft.

Crow: But you just said it was a probe!

Mike: OUT!

{Crow grumbles as the trio exits the theater.}

{1. . .2. . .3. . .4. . .5. . .6. . .Dogbone.}

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