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10/24/99: Well, not a major update, but a big step for The Femme: I've added a section devoted to my favorite Anime series, Dragonball Z. I've been thinking about doing so for some time, and while I still need to put quite a bit of work into it, I'm proud of the (very) little bit I have so far (even have a pic of my fave DBZ guy on the page--sorry, Scottie, I couldn't resist putting him there!). Click on the link back there and visit my little page, won't you? Thanks!!

10/21/99: Guess who finally got around to updating the video library again? Yup, I actually took my day off from Wal*Mart (WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! can you tell I love days off?) to head over to Suncoast and pick up the newest MST vids available. Skydivers, Catalina Caper, and Shorts Vol. 2 now have a permanent place in my collection. Also, I added another link to an Anime site, this time a collection of links (I swear, one of these days I'm gonna get around to adding a DBZ page to the site...). As for the new Sound Vault, I've had to put that on hold for a while, along with the Fanfic section. Both projects will get my full attention as soon as I'm able to put more time into the projects :-)

10/11/99: Yeah, it's been a little while since my last major update, and it may be some time before I'm ready for some more biggies. For now, though, I've added some more new links. They go to Gizelle's ReBoot FanFic Page, Mystery Science Theater Adventures, Shinji's Vault of Anime Mistings, and The Akira Toriyama Super Database: Dragon Ball/Z/GT (DBZ is one of my favorite Anime series). Also, the new sound vault is just about finished (hopefully it will be up and running within the next week), my first Season 11 misting is rolling right along, and I've managed to get a good chunk of my Season 11 Version 2.0 story done.
As for the links to Sherrybot/Amphithea's Hideout and The Hyperspace Beacon, at the moment they aren't working (Ammie is doing a major overhaul to her page and has nothing up at all, and The Hyperspace Beacon page is [according to Lennie] "on crack"). Hopefully I'll get to working on that. Then again... :-)

9/29/99: "Hey, Femmey, how the heck did you sneak those new links by us?!" Yup, I've added three new links to the site. Stop by Links, Links, Links and you'll find the pathway to Mystery ReBoot Theater 4000 (yes, it's like it sounds--a little Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a ReBoot twist), The MST3K Cave (sponsored by The Nick Show), and The Nick Show (bet you knew that was coming, didn'tcha?). As for the sound vault relocation, it's slow-going, but I should be finished it within the next few weeks. My Season 11 misting is rolling along smoothly, and I've started work on a Season 11 Version 2 MST3K fic (there's a reason for the "version 2" remark--I have different characters in mind for each scenario). These should all be coming to The MiSTic Domain in the not-too-distant future :-)

9/27/99: Yeah, I know I haven't updated anything in a while, but there is a good reason for that: I am in the process of moving my entire sound vault to TheGlobe.com as MSTia3K's Officially Unofficial MST3K (and more) Sound Vault. Everything you know and love about the original vault will be there, but with new background graphics and a few new sounds that I haven't loaded to the current vault yet. Stay tuned for more info!

9/20/99: Not too much to tell you guys about today. I've recently joined the Satellite of Love Webring, and added the site map to the bottom part of the page (below the Mistie Ring Webcodes). Hopefully it will be fully operational sometime within the next few days so that site surfing has never been easier!

9/13/99: Hey, all. I just finished watching Episode #1003, Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders, and I'm a bit bummed. However, I did add it to the library, and hope to get some more stuff on the page updated soon.

9/11/99: I just have a few small things to make note of in this update. (1) I've condensed this page a bit, gotten rid of some of the older updates, and given myself a bit more disk space in the process :-) (2) I forgot to mention my update to the SMIM section earlier this week, and just wanted to make a note that there is now a table/chart on that page to make keeping track of the nominess and votes cast a bit easier (easier for me, that is!). And (3) I added a small update on the BMC/BBI talks to the New Hope? section of my website. It's not much, but I'm still holding onto the hope that the show can come back in some form. As for my misting, it's on hold right now, but I would like to thank Raven for her "You Might Be in NASA If..." list she sent for me to include within the text (yes, Rave has seen a sneak preview, and she has given it a pretty good review thus far). Stay tuned for more stuff!

9/6/99: An actual update today (shock of shocks!): I have added a bunch o' new sounds to the Sound Vault, bringing the grand total to (drumroll please) 106!!! Can you believe it? Plus, I made a new banner for the main page. You like?

9/5/99: I don't really have a whole lot to update. The main changes are a couple more nifty-fun banners on my links page (thanks for sending me yours, Kat!) and an actual new link! It's Captain Briggs' new spot, Neo-MST3K City: The Interface, where you can learn a bit of the history of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 City and Neo-Mystery Science Theater 3000 City roleplays, both of which I (until recently) participated in. Check it out, won't you?

9/1/99: Yeah, I messed around with the main page again, but I didn't change too much. 'sides, it's not due for another major update/revision until the year 2000! Also, I added some more banners to my link-swapping page, one of which I actually use as a return link button from the Message Board of Love. As for new sounds or pics or anything, I haven't found anything new just yet. And, there is still no new news on the B-Movie Channel. I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Satellite News was right about those guys....

8/28/99: Riding With Death, where the camera spends most of the time pointed at Ben Murphy, also featuring the amazing vanishing Abby! Oh, and Jim Stafford's in it, too (for a brief clip, stop by Scottie's Neato Message Board and check out the pic that welcomes you). Now appearing in Femmey's MST3K Video Library! Keep watching for my tape trading updates, too, which should be added sometime before the end of '99.

8/25/99: I still haven't gotten my new TV/VCR setup to start my tape trading venture just yet, but I'm still saving my money up for a nice system! In the meantime, I have added one little thing to the Domain. It's nothing much, just a little section for those who would like to add my page to their own websites (even though this one is far from perfect, and I know it!!). Click here for the info and my new mini banner (it kinda matches the new main banner I put up--do you like it?), or just go to the very last link on the Domain's main page. That's all until Saturday, when I add another ep to the library.

8/23/99: Hey, more fun with Listen Up! This time, I added a whole bunch o' new sounds (actually, only seven, but after that long spell where I didn't update it forever, it seems like a whole bunch!) and messed around with the intro just a bit. Please stop in and enjoy my new quality sounds :-)

8/22/99: Okeedoke, I was playing around with my Sound Vault a bit today, and got five new sounds loaded and ready to go. The ironic part is, four of 'em are Terror From the Year 5000 sounds, and that one's not even in my vid library!

8/21/99: Well. What can I say? Parts: The Clonus Horror is a total piece of drek. It's also the latest addition to my MST3K Video Library. Just a brief note, I should be buying myself a new TV/VCR hookup shortly, and may start tape-trading out to others. Heck, I've already got a request out on the Season 10 eps! Check back here often to find out when that feature will be added to the site :-)

8/18/99: Hey, I finally got around to adding two more episode synopsiseseses to my Vid Library. These are for Episode 1001 Soultaker and Episode 1013 Danger: Diabolik. The links to the synopsiseseseses (how do you make that plural, anyways??) are included here and in the Library itself. Enjoy my own twisted opinions, which are added throughout as Femme's Notes!

8/16/99, 8:05 p.m.: I just went over to Save Mystery Science Theater 3000 and found a really awesome update, people!! I included a portion of that update on my New Hope? page, but head over to Save MST for Observer Witness News' thoughts on the update. I'm psyched, I'll admit it!! :-)

8/16/99: o/` It's been one week since the final ep
But this Mistie chick ain't given up yet... o/`
Didn't know I could sing, didja? :-) Okay, playtime's over, time to get down to business. There were no weekend updates on the Best Brains/B-Movie Channel talks, but keep watching SirSlush2's Save Mystery Science Theater 3000 for daily updates. As for me, I managed to tape the last Sunday ep (until 1003 airs in September, that is) of MST3K, and now have The Giant Spider Invasion safely stored away in my library. Nothing else has been updated. I apologize for the lack of attention paid to other sections of the site, it's been awhile since I've been able to get to 'em :-(

8/13/99: I've been out surfing some of the other Save MST3K sites, and found one that is giving updates pretty much daily! And one of the updates looks rather promising. I talk all about it (and include the link to the page so you can check it out for yourself) in New Hope for MST3K? What are you waiting for? Go, go, GO! Please :-)

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