Tomorrow we get Episode #1003

But it may not be the end just yet...

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As we all know, the series finale of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, or, as I prefer to call that network, So Full of Crap (any network that would drop their two most popular shows, first MST3K, then Sliders, has got to be full of somethin'), and the so-called "lost" episode will be airing twice this coming week (one final Sunday episode on 9/12, and again on 9/18). However, the show may not truly be gone for good. Word from SirSlush2, owner/operator of Save Mystery Science Theater 3000 ( indicates that a new kid on the cable block may be more than a little interested in picking up MST3K. This new kid is known as called the B-Movie Channel, and it would be the perfect haven for our favorite cowtown puppet show. In fact, Observer Witness News (a special feature on Slushie's site) states that our own beloved Info Club Poobah Barb Tebben sent an AOL Instant Message out on 8/12 stating that she was not allowed to talk about the talks between BBI and BMC. I look at this as more than just a very good sign. But please take note, do not assult Barb with hundreds of emails asking for confirmation of this: Talks between a network and a series' producer is a rather delicate process to make sure that everyone on both sides of the fence are happy. I'll keep you updated on the situation here, or use the above link to SirSlush2's site and get the news there first!!

BMC UPDATE 9/11: The following is part of the B-Movie Channel's Newsletter, sent out to subscribers:

Thank you for your email comments and thoughts regarding MST3K and the possibility of BMC acquiring its programming. Talks change at this time. Stay tuned!
Dennis R. Morgan
President, BMC

Also, one of our fellow Misties, possibly a Canadian Mistie, I'm not truly sure of who wrote the actual letter, thought that maybe the Canadian Network TRIO might be interested in picking up MST3K... and interested they are. So, MST3K may survive on both U.S. television and beyond!! Let's just hope a European equivalent of one of these networks exists so our British brothers and sisters can help in the good fight....

Here are some links to get you started on the road to saving MST3K from Syndication Hell:

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That's all the news I have for now, everyone. Now, join me once more in the battle cry:

Viva MST3K!

Thank you.