The Save MST3K Hot Sites

Just so all of you out there don't go thinking that I'm going this route alone, here are some other sites that are making the effort to save one of the hottest shows ever:

Help Save MST3K (

This site advocates writing to the Sci-Fi Channel to try to change their minds about canceling the show, but also includes a list of networks to write to.

Justin's "Save Mystery Science Theater 3000" Site (

Lots of links to other Save MST3K sites, and also some "other" news that may not have been apropriately sanctioned (but you didn't hear it from me!).

MST3K: Celebrating 10 Years. . . of ABUSE! (

This site chronicles the abuses that MST3K has recieved from networks and movie studios (can anyone say Barb Wire?), including this whole SFC issue. Also has addys for television networks and links to other Save MST3K sites.

Save MST3000/Forever MST3K (

One of the first Save MST3K sites to pop up, advocating a letter-writing campaign to TBS. The maintainer has sort of dropped out of sight, but drop by this one anyway.

Save MST3K (

This site has a ton of network addresses to write to. Go ASAP!

Save Mystery Science Theater 3000 (

Has a brief snippet of a conversation with Barb Tebben, our lovely Info Club Poobah! Also advocates writing to TBS.

Save Mystery Science Theater 3000 (

No, no, this is a different Save MST3K site! It has news, links, network addys, and a chat room to discuss saving MST3K. Very nice!

Save Mystery Science Theater 3000. . . Again? (

This site was running the last time we dealt with possibly losing our show, and has been updated and reformatted for this recent crisis. Contains new, addresses (most of which I myself have written to in the past several weeks), and links to press articles on the SFC's refusal to renew the show. One of the best I've seen!

Save the Satellite!! (http"

This site is under construction, but is going to have station contact info, news updates, links to other Save MST3K sites, and possibly a petition.

Zoog's Mystery Science Theater Sound Shrine(

It has a lot of MST3K sounds, but has been reformatted as a War Room in our ongoing battle to Save MST3K! It has the latest news, network addys, and links to other Save MST3K sites, including this humble little site you are now visiting.

These are all of the other Save MST3K sites that I know of at this time. I may be adding more soon, though. If you know of any Save MST3K site that I've missed, email me at and tell me the name of the page, the URL, and a brief synopsis of the site. It will be added ASAP. Join me in our battle cry as you return to my Main Save MST3K page.

Viva MST3K!!