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Welcome to my humble homepage! This site is mostly dedicated to my all-time favorite (and, in my opinion, greatest) show of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000! For those of you unfamiliar with the premise (not too many visitors here are unfamiliar with MST3K, but oh well, I already started talking!), Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K for short) is about a guy named Mike Nelson who is trapped in a satellite high above the earth with his robot friends, Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Gypsy. He is forced by the evil Pearl Forrester and her sidekicks Professor Bobo and the Observer to watch some of the worst movies ever made. In order to get through the movies without being violently ill, Mike, Crow, and Servo continuosly crack jokes about the events happening in the movie (even when the movie is a bomb like, oh, I don't know, Mitchell, for example).

Anyways, this website is devoted almost entirely to this series. There may be a few non-MST3K items on this page for a little while, thrown in for a little variety (my Dragonball Z page has now relocated, click here for that site). So sit down, make yourself at home, and enjoy! Viva MST3K!!!

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