{Crow is nowhere to be seen. Mike and Servo are at the desk.}

Mike: I think he'll be okay in a little while.
Servo: Yeah. I mean, he hasn't shut himself down in days!
Mike: Let's see what's going on down on Earth.

{Cut to Castle Forrester.}

{The protest is still going full swing. Pearl and the Observer have distanced themselves from the protesters, discussing what to do about the rather large group. Bobo is still being beaten by Katjar. As all this is happening, a young woman of average height and build with dark brown eyes and light brown hair [clad in a lavender jumpsuit] steps away from the rest of the protesters and pulls out a cell phone. During the following, her conversation in in italics.}

Pearl: Well, we can't just let them go on like this!
Observer: I agree with you completely, but the only one causing any harm is {points at Kat} that one.
Dani: Hello. Is Corman there?
Pearl: If this goes on much longer, I think more of them will get out of hand.
Dani: Hi, Corman. It's Dani.
Observer: That is a possibility.
Dani: I was just wondering, what have you done with the Chronicles?
Observer: We could just let them wear themselves out. I mean, how long can they go without eating?
Dani: You sold them? To who?
Pearl: Yes, you're right. A few more hours at most, and they should be ready to give up!
Dani: She's lying to you, you idiot!!

{Pearl and the Observer notice Dani for the first time as she begins shouting at Corman over the phone.}

I mean, do you have any idea how she's using the Chronicles?! My brother is stuck up there now reading the completely unedited version and one of his friends just flipped out!! I'm talking padded cell here!!


Servo: Brother?!
Mike: Danielle?

{Castle Forrester}

{Pearl has taken the cell phone away from Dani. The Observer has a hold of the young woman's arm, and she's giving him some of those "if looks could kill" looks.}

Pearl: Corman! Hi! Listen, I don't know what has gotten into that girl. I think she's having one of those days.
Observer: Well, that's not a very nice thing to say!
Dani: {smugly} Deal with it!
Pearl: Of course we're going to be filming the Chronicles! All you have to do is send me the rest of them and we can get started at this end.
Dani: {shouts} Don't listen to her, Corman! She's evil!
Pearl: Oops, gotta go, bye!
{She hangs up the phone and turns to the Observer.}

Okay, what did you find out about her?
Dani: One word and I break both your legs!
Observer: That threat means nothing to me, I have no body. Her name is Danielle Nelson.
Pearl: Nelson, Nelson. . .
Dani: My God, you people are stupid! Mike, how can you put up with them?!


Mike: Oh, like I really have a choice, here!
Servo: Brother?

{Castle Forrester}

Pearl: Ah-ha! Now I know who you are!
Dani: Man, when am I gonna learn to keep my mouth shut!
Pearl: Hey, Cue Ball, I've got an idea! Let's send Miss Congeniality here up to the Satellite and see if it's true what they say about sibling rivalry!
Observer: Whatever you say, Pearl. {to himself} But this is a mistake. . .

{Observer Sound effect. Dani disappears.}


{Dani appears on the bridge.}

Mike: Dani, what were you thinking?
Dani: Well, I ran into this group of protesters and thought, "What the hell? I'm not doing anything today."
Servo: Brother?
Mike: Oh, right! Tom Servo, this is my baby sister Danielle. Dani, Servo.
Dani: Hiya.
Servo: Sister?
Mike: Oh, great! I think his logic circuits overloaded.
Dani: I'll fix that.

{Dani pops open Servo's back panel, fiddles with a couple of wires, and closes it again.}

Servo: Oh, hi! And you are. . . ?
Dani: Mike's sister.
Servo: Oh. {pause} I'm sorry.
Mike: Hey!!

{Movie Sign begins wailing once more.}

Dani: What the hell?
Servo: It's just Corman Sign. {pause} AAAAAUGH!!!
Mike: You'll get used to it, but right now, we've got to go back in the theater.

{Servo runs off, still screaming. Dani follows Mike.}

{6. . .5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . .Theater.}

Servo: Hey, I just remembered! Who's with Crow?
Dani: Crow?
Mike: He's one of the other bots. Gypsy's with him, he'll be fine.

>Roger: Colman?

Servo: Us, on the other hand. . .

>Colman: Yes?

>Roger: What are you going to do when the war is over?

>Colman: Well, I might build a farm, write a few books, settle down to a simple life.

Mike: Take down Son of Corman. . .
Dani: Michael! He happens to be a pretty nice kid! Corman-esque, maybe, but still a nice kid!

>Roger: Well, we'll be sure to invite you over for cards.

>Colman: (chuckles) Thank you.

>(He stops and points.)

>Colman: There it is! Let's go!

Servo: There what is?
Mike: The end of the story?
Servo: We can only hope.

>(They rush inside. Jump-cut to the interior of the base. The walls are covered with shelves full of books. In the center is a nuclear device.)

Dani: Oh, yeah. I always store my nuclear device in the middle of the room. Doesn't everyone?

>Roger: Amazing!

Mike: They saved all of the "For Dummies" manuals!

>But how did these walls keep from collapsing under the Venus forming ray?

>Colman: They must be made out of a new steel. And look! Here are some shields made of the stuff!

>(He shows him the stuff.)

Servo: Twenty kilos of the stuff.
{Dani giggles. Mike remains silent.}
No comment, Mike?
Mike: Nope.

>Roger: And there's (points to the nuclear device) the nuclear device.

All: No!
Mike: Boy, I'm glad Roger's eyesight is still 20/20!

>Colman: It can create nuclear atoms strong enough to crash through atoms, thus creating antimatter!

>Roger: how long will it take to make some?

Dani: Isn't there a shift key somewhere on the damn keyboard?
Servo: We think his is broken.

>Colman: I think it sends out a single large dose in about a day, but hundreds of small, handheld doses can be created separately in a few hours.

>Roger: Are they safe?

Servo: No, they're vaults!
Mike: Let it go, buddy. Just let it go.

>Colman: Since they go through the machine, they only explode when you hit something hard with it. Yes, it's safe.

>Roger: All right. I think it's best is I got the others over here to safety. There's plenty of food and water to support us for days.

Dani: Ah, yes, the safe feeling that only a nuclear device can give!
{Servo snickers.}
Servo: I like you!
Dani: Thank you.

>Colman: All right. I'll stay here and create a few handheld devices. Don't take long. It'll be nighttime soon, and the scout will be searching.

>Roger: Don't worry. I'll do my best.

Servo: Once again, they're doomed.

>(He runs off. Jump-cut

Mike: . . . to the homebase. Jackson is standing over Roger's bloody corpse with a steak knife in his hand. . .
Dani: Oh, lovely image, bro!
Servo: That was a little dark, Mike. Plus, that's my bit!
Mike: I just couldn't help myself.

>to the other base. Rodriguez and Jackson are watching the view screen. Evelyn is reading to the kids in the corner.)

Mike: {Evelyn} See Venus. See Venus explode. KABOOM!
{Dani and Servo laugh.}

>Jackson: All right, Rodriguez. It's your turn to watch the view screen.

Dani: {Rodriguez} But I don't wanna!
{Crow enters the theater and take his seat. The others turn to face him.}
Mike: Feeling any better, Crow?
Crow: Yeah. Gypsy turned me back on a few minutes ago. What did I miss?
Servo: Not a whole hell of a lot in the story. By the way, this is Mike's sister Dani.
Crow: Hi. When did you get here?
Dani: Not long ago. I don't think Pearl likes me very much. I called her evil.
Crow: She'll get over it.
{All turn back to the screen.}

>Rodriguez: (in a Mexican accent)

Crow: This again? *sigh*

>All right.

>(He presses a few buttons. He sees the surface. It is blank.)

Mike: This reads like a children's story!
Dani: No, I think a children's book would be more action-packed at this point.

>Rodriguez: (in a Mexican accent) No one's there. No even the scout.

Dani: Oh, there's an authentic Mexican accent for you! Can you say "stereotype"?

>Jackson: That's funny.

Crow: Funny haha, or funny strange?
Servo: Nothing about this is funny!

>He's usually lurking about to find us.

>(Evelyn gets up and walks over.)

>Evelyn: What's the matter, boys? Something wrong?

Dani: {Jackson} Rodriguez took my Legos!
{Servo snickers.}

>Jackson: We were just wondering where the scout got to.

>Rodriguez: (in a Mexican accent)

Mike: {sings} La cucaracha, la cucaracha. . .
{Crow giggles.}

>I don't like this. . .

>(The view screen shows the door to the passageway. It it open.)

>Jackson: The door's open?

Crow: {Jackson} It's not summer, people! We're not heating the outside!

>This is too strange. . .

>(Ralph and Cissy walk over.)

>Ralph: What's going on?

Dani: {sings} So I wake in the morning/And I step outside/And I take a deep breathe/And I get real high/And I scream at the top of my lungs
All: What's going on?

>Cissy: I'm scared!

Servo: Of what?

>Evelyn: (holds her close)

All: {sing} Hold me close and try to understand. . .

>I know, honey. I know. . .

>(Suddenly, in the background, a hand reaches out in front of Jackson's face.)

Crow: Yay! Thing survived the Armageddon!
{All cheer.}

>Rodriguez: (in a Mexican accent) I think we'd better get out of here. . .

>Evelyn sees the hand and screams. Jackson turns around

Dani: Bright eyes.
{Servo snickers.}

>and jumps out of the way. The Venusian flies towards the group.

Servo: Look! Up in the sky!
Crow: It's a bird!
Dani: It's a plane!

>Rodriguez gets out a fire extinguisher and shoots the Venusian.)

{All remain silent for a moment, then they begin laughing hysterically.}

>Rodriguez: (in a Mexican accent) Get out of here! I can't hold it much longer!

{They laugh even harder. Mike falls out of his chair.}

>(The Venusian screams, but it comes at Rodriguez. He screams.

Crow: {still laughing} It's Screamfest'98!

>The others run off. The Venusian follows.

{The group finally stops laughing. Mike climbs back into his chair.}

>Jump-cut to the surface.

Servo: . . . of the moon. Of course, there is no oxygen on the moon, so everyone dies. The end.
Mike: You're getting better at that.
Servo: Thank you.

>Jackson is helping the others out.

Dani: Why? What did they ever do for him?

>As soon as the children get out, they run.

Crow: {sings} Run away, run away, run away if you want to survive. . .

>Jump-cut to the forest. Roger is walking through the forest when the others bump into him.)

Dani: I hope they were all walking along the edge of a cliff and fell over!
Mike: {shocked} Dani!
Servo: No, I kinda like that idea!
Crow: You learn fast, kid.
Dani: I try.

>Roger: What's the matter?

>Jackson: The Venusian found us!

>Ralph: He killed Uncle Rodriguez!

>Evelyn: It was horrible!

>Roger: Quick! Follow me!

Servo: Why is everyone shouting?
Crow: They're either very excited, really frightened, or extremely stupid.
Mike: I'm going with option C.

>We'll hide out in the base. Let's go.

>(They run off.

Servo: . . . a bridge and die as their bodies hit the pavement. The end.
Crow: Sounds good to me!
Dani: I like it!
Mike: Come on, guys, let's get outta here.
{Mike picks up Servo and the quartet exits the theater.}

{1. . .2. . .3. . .4. . .5. ..6. . .Dogbone}

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