The MSTic Domain has, quite obviously, not been updated since late 1999. Sadly, it is not going to be updated, ever again.

The reason for this is, quite simply, the fact that I have gotten involved in other fandoms since the end of Mystery Science Theater 3000 well over a year ago (as I write this it is 9/1/01). Don't think that I'm saying I no longer love MST3K, I still enjoy watching my vids and the movie, but there is nothing new to add. I attempted to write fanfiction around the SOL crew, but I found myself unable to come up with anything that did the characters justice. My own mistings are few and far between, and I know that the few I did complete are located onsite somewhere.

So, I have become involved in other fandoms. For the past year I've been deeply embroiled in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing fandom, and am starting to show an interest in Weiß Kruz and Tenchi Muyo. At some point in time I will be changing the site to reflect my new tastes, but not for a while yet.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the MSTic Domain--and me--through the difficulties in my life, and know that I do love you and thank you deeply. As for my vanishing act... well, FemmeCrow is dead. SorceressCrow, WereFemmeCrow, and all my other MST-related personae are no more.

And the MSTic Domain is gone. May it rest in peace.