Disclaimers, Credits, and Stuff

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the property of Best Brains Inc. I am not affiliated with BBI in any way, shape, or form, but wouldn't mind much if I was!

Monsters from Outer Space and The Venus Scout (parts one and two) are the property of Tim "Son of Corman" Fox, who has let me get away with an awful lot within my mistings! Thanks a bunch, Timmy!

All the MST3K pictures within my photo gallery were snagged off the web from a ton of different places, the biggest contributers being the official MST3K page and Auntie Katjar's MST3K page over at Tripod.com. Thanks, Kat (and if you didn't know I "borrowed" it, you do now!)

All of the sounds in the sound vault, with the exception of four, were snatched through a Lycos sound search. The other four were provided by Son of Corman and Sarchasm. Thanks tons, guys!

I would also like to thank everyone who has been super-supportive of my misting efforts and my website in general: The Skiing Scotsman, T-Baker and his Band of Gypsys, Zelphi, MST3Kelly, Raven, Captain Briggs, David Fullam, Sarchasm again, Corman again, Kat again, and a host of other Misties I may have missed. If I have, I still appreciate you guys, I just have a very bad memory!

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