Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About FemmeCrow
(but were afraid to ask)

Okay, I'm using this little section of the site to talk a bit about, well, me! Okay, maybe it's a little vain, but I thought maybe it was time for you to know more about me beyond my handle and my status as "den mother" to the crew on the Message Board of Love.

Maybe I should start with something simple. I'm not all that old, just a rather young 21, even though I've been told many times that I look barely old enough to be out of high school (anywhere between 14-years-old and 16-years-old), and was born in February of 1978. Yep, Femmey's an Aqua Baby. I've lived in Maryland my entire life, eleven years of it in a small city/town called Hagerstown, the last ten years in an even smaller town that goes by the name of Clear Spring (I wouldn't suggest looking for it on the map--it's way too small!).

I was first introduced to Mystery Science Theater 3000 quite accidently. We had just gotten cable TV out in this God-forsaken--I mean, lovely and idylic countryside, and was doing a bit of channel surfing when I came across the last minute of a program on Comedy Central. I stopped for a second, then surfed on. I didn't even let it cross my mind until sometime later in '96, when I caught a commercial on the SciFi Channel advertising a program they had recently added to the network. I thought, "Eh, I'll give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen?" Well, I sat down to watch the show and was a bit surprised to discover that it was the same show I'd caught a minute of on Com Central. There were a few little changes, true, but it was the same show. And I found out the worse that could happen: I became addicted. I just had to watch every episode, and eventually joined the MST3K Info Club as Mistie #90537.

Other than those few facts about yours truly, the only other thing that sticks out as a detail in my mind is that I just recently recieved my Associate of Arts degree from Hagerstown Community College. So, basically, I'm certified to be a substitute teacher in General Studies stuff :-) I've come to a conclusion about my further education, and have decided that I'm either going to attend a liberal arts college and get back into acting and/or drawing, or go to an art institute and do likewise there. Basically, I'm going back to my artistic roots (and trust me, I've never really been happier than when I'm on stage or sketching something!)

Well, that's more than enough out of me! Feel free to return to The MiSTic Domain and check out everything the site has to offer! Later!

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