Mis Favoritos

Welcome to my humble little shrine, where I've deemed my favorites of all time. Read on to see the madness that is the FemmeCrow:

Favorite Human Crew Member: That's a toss-up between Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson, even though I'm a Joel-girl (did I just say that out loud? Sorry!).

Favorite Mad: I have to say the Observer. I mean, he's such a screw-up at times that you just gotta love him! Admit it!

Favorite Bot: In case you hadn't figured that out for yourself, it's Crow T. Robot.

Favorite Riff: "Suddenly I have a refreshing mint flavor."

Favorite Episode: That's another toss-up, between Jack Frost, Devil Fish, Soooooultaker, and (brace yourselves!) MANOS: The Hands of Fate.

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